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The intersection needs updating, but



The intersection at Jewett & Olentangy River Road needs to be updated: it causes traffic delays and accidents. But we should improve the safety while still preserving the rich architectural history in the area. ODOT might tear down this historic barn and reroute the roads to come way too close to the early 19th century historic homes that have been here since the founding of Delaware County. Even their second option is too invasive. None of the current options are acceptable.


We want progress and preservation.

We know first-hand that ODOT needs to improve the safety of the intersection: there are accidents right in our front yards. But ODOT is trying to steamroll through the process too quickly, without proper consideration given to the unique, historic nature of the homes and barns along Olentangy River Road. 


You can help. Please join us and email ODOT.

If you’ve ever spent any time on Olentangy River Road, you know how beautiful it is. You might even know it’s designated as a State Scenic Byway.

But you also know how bad traffic can be, and have likely seen an accident or two at the intersection with Jewett Rd. The status quo is untenable.

Please fill out the simple form below to email the ODOT Project Manager and the Historic Preservation Lead and let them know you want progress and preservation.


Contact ODOT

Project Manager

Eric Kletrovetz

Historic Preservation Lead

Marci Lininger, District Environmental Coordinator (DEC)

Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District 6
400 East William Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015

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This pre-Civil War bank barn is remarkable because of its completeness and condition. The 30×40 threshing table is a perfect example of the life of early Ohioans.
historic barn ODOT might tear down at the corner of Jewett &
historic barn ODOT might tear down at the corner of Jewett &


The proposed roundabout would require the historic barn to be demolished, and it would re-route the busy roads too close to historic homes. The proposed traffic lights also add a third lane, and come too close to the homes. Please email ODOT and make your voice heard.